God scarves


tumblr_n2iouuIi6e1qb0bzxo1_500.jpgWhen uncovered girls wear ‘all black’ it’s fashion. But when I wear all black, it’s terrorism.

There’s something amazing about hijab. Those little ‘God scarves’ that I never, ever dreamed of wearing has become a part of my daily life, it’s something I couldn’t imagine adopting into my life & now it’s something I can never imagine ‘not wearing.’

Wrapping a piece of material around my head and neck was once a very difficult thing to do. After years & years of society telling me what is right, what to look like, how to act, what to like, where to go, what to think… to now, trying to fulfill the commands of Allah swt. After a while, I grew to love the physical aspect of hijab: something I wear every morning before I leave for work.

I quickly realised that it’s not something to cover my hair but my whole body…

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