Looper? Um…Not So Much…

“But here’s the biggest thing I really didn’t like about it: I’m very tired of sci-fi’s desperate clinging to the pessimistic — nay, cynical — fanaticism for the near-future dystopia. It has become a cliché. I’m starting to wonder whether people in general have become so jaded about caring for the environment and their fellow human beings because entertainment tells us there is no point because the world is just going to hell anyway.

I reject that.”

Sappho's Torque

I cannot deny that the acting — all of the acting — in the new movie Looper is good.  It is.

I cannot deny that the prosthetic make-up used on Joseph Gordon-Levitt to make him look like a young Bruce Willis is both subtle and effective.  It’s excellent, as is his mastery of Willis’ smarmy smirk.

I can’t even deny that the story is interesting and, at times, clever.  Check.

But I really didn’t like this movie.

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