Moisturizing in winter

The more you get into skin care, the more complicated it gets. There is seriously a step-by-step program to get your skin out of acne land and into clear territory. At least, that’s what my latest purchase of skin products claims.

So, it’s out with the cleaner, the toner, the moisturizer, and so on and so forth. Coaxing your skin to become smoother, cleaner, clearer, and under control.

I wish it was that easy to clean and clear out my heart from all the garbage gathered in it over the years. It’s a one-step program, though. Put one step on your nafs–your base desires–and put your next step into Paradise. However, stepping on your nafs is like trying to pin down greased lightning. In other words, it slips out of the way and out of control.

The beautiful thing is that it’s your effort that counts. Put in the best effort, and the results are not in your hands. Purification of the nafs and the soul is Allah’s job. Doing the struggle is our job.

Funny thing is, it’s the same thing with skin care. We can’t force the products to work. The function of the products, our body response to them, is not in our hands either. Which is a good thing. Just imagine having to physically push the moisturizer into the skin and make the skin absorb it and then make it soften the skin, the same way you have to use your legs to walk from point A to point B. If you get my drift.

Whether it’s softening skin or softening hearts, the same rule is in play. We just have to remember it.


9 thoughts on “Moisturizing in winter

  1. I agree with you… Alhamdulillah, I have managed to find the best cream for my face and it has been working perfect for the past 5 years protecting it from drying during the harsh winters. I find having a spoonful of coconut oil on empty stomach makes your skin much better during winters. Try it… InShaAllah, it will help… šŸ™‚

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  2. However, stepping on your nafs is like trying to pin down greased lightning.

    THIS!! I have a crazy wild boar kind of nafs! Always tends to get out of control and its definitely hard to handle it but Alhamdulillah I am getting there!
    I love how you put 2 and 2 together and got it into one post! I have recently started moisturising more since my skin has changed quiet a lot and its less oily and more flaky!

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