Pining after a Rainbow Quran

It all began when one of my friends posted a picture of this beauty to her Facebook.

It was a glorious magenta velvet cover, with appealing rainbow coloured pages. This particular mushaf (copy of Quran) appealed to my feminine side. However, I instantly felt guilty. Shouldn’t I be inspired to get a mushaf for myself because of the contents, and not the fancy appearance?

That isn’t to say that other mushaf aren’t pretty. All of them have some kind of fancy calligraphy on the cover. But have you ever seen a really girly one? What could be girlier than this?

I fired up Ebay and Etsy and discovered that only the Usmani script type was easily available. I had to do some searching before I came across this:

Screenshot 2015-01-21 at 10.39.09 AM

It is a bookshop that also sells Rainbow Quran “karita”, the mushaf with Persian (IndoPak) script.

I plan to get one once I have some money saved up. Even though I already have a perfectly good, adequately sized mushaf that my friend gave me, I think it is quite harmless if I want to “bling up” my worship material. Don’t we get fancy tasbeehs (rosary beads), beautiful prayer mats and chic headscarves? Well then, I’m putting this on my bucket list.

What’s your must-have non-accessory?


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