When HE met HER

A beautiful marriage story.

Musings of A Musafir - The Journey

Who hasn’t read the story of Musa AS? The tortures of Pharaoh towards the people of Bani Israel,the parting of the red sea, the drowning of Pharaoh.But lets track back a bit,there are some other lessons also we can get from the story of Musa AS for verily Allah doesn’t mention a story in the Quran except that it has a message to be understood and followed by the people to come. We see Allah mentions in quite detail how Musa AS met his wife, the interactions between them and how they ended up being married. We say Islam is boring, the Quran just has stuff telling whats wrong and whats right. THAT is one of the biggest understatements a person could make. It is a life manual which if read and understood properly can change your life upside down. We read about romantic meetings, prince charming on the white…

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