Ramadan · reflections

Heartbeats over brainwaves

Overthinking spoils most things. Hiba Magazine has this notebook with “plugged into patience” on the cover. Me, I’d like to unplug my mind and plug into my heart. I’m not disregarding the mind altogether, just saying that I’d like to tune into what my heart is feeling, for a change. In a society that worships intelligence, the heart and soul are mostly overlooked.

Tonight is the first of the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan. It is a special night of worship in which we seek the blessings of Allah.

When I worship, my mind usually does not contribute anything useful. It’s my heart that I’m focused on, trying to shift it from its usual passive state into a state of humility before Allah. I can’t help but wonder how much effort it will take to remove the rust from my heart, let alone break the lock and remove the chains. Still, I can’t give up. I have to keep giving priority to my heart, and to do that, I have to harmonise myself with it. I am so used to thinking with my mind, I am out of sync when I try to feel with my heart.

So, Mr.Brain, you know, it’s your time to hush-hush, and move over. Tonight is a heart-only night.


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