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Make your own colouring book

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This might not be the ideal way to kick start this blog, but, by the time you reach your twenties (like I have), you have encountered more than a few bumps along the road. The result is that, if you were a crayon, you would have been sharpened several times and maybe even chipped or plain snapped.

But as this Pinterest find says, “broken crayons still colour”.

No matter how much friction you have experienced, you are still capable of being a meaningful member of society. You are still valuable. You have potential. You have purpose. Sure, the glossy new crayons in the newly opened pack look pretty, but it’s the well-used and -loved, battered box of Crayolas that has contributed to the making of an actual masterpiece. Not its rookie, unsharpened brethren in the neat new carboard container.

What I mean to say is:

love your scars. It can…

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One thought on “Make your own colouring book

  1. So you’ve reached your twenties. Your words seem to come from a being many millennia older than that but that is what I have come to expect from you since I am never disappointed. I read “Falling into laghw”…. (My computer highlighted this word as a misspelling. I clicked the word just out of curiosity to see what it would bring up. LAUGH. It said LAUGH. That sums up my total philosophy on life.) ….I was instantly able to relate although what most of those words mean is a mystery to me. I got the gist of it though. I thought to myself, Hmm … yes, I feel like that sometimes. I wonder why I surf off as I do devouring whatever peeks my interest. I then remember that when the future comes as it always does and I am writing or thinking something, all of a sudden, that article or essay or whatever it is I once thought wastful of my time is informing my mind now…. Now …. focus … focus …. that is great too … yesterday I posted a post-it note to myself. It said: FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS Keep your eyes on the prize…. This is not what I came here to say though. What I wanted to tell you is that there is rarely a day that passes by I do not think or you. Thank you for your generosity of spirit & thank you for letting us watch you as you spread your royal purple flowering wings and dance among the silver clouds of love.

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