excerpts and quotes

Are you a lover?

“I professed my Love to Him, being bold enough to call myself His lover.
And one day He said to me, ‘Is it really Love?’
‘You filled your heart with base desires, 
your mind has thoughts of the other.
You yearn for the comforts of life,
for which you strive with all might.
You then complain of your tiredness,
in the later hours of the night.
When I descend to the nearest skies,
to hear your distraught cries,
you pull up the covers tight,
falling deeper in the slumbering plight.
How is it that a million breaths you have taken,
and it is My name that you have forgotten?
Why then do you call yourself a lover,
If you can’t turn yourself over?’”

via Hajirah Academy




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