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REVIEW: First look at ZMDesigns Ramadan Journal

I got to know about the Zohayma Montaner Designs Ramadan Journal through a friend’s Facebook post. The colourful pictures of the pages of the journal captured my interest immediately. I went ahead and ordered it. It arrived in the first week of Ramadan.

The journal has quotes, activity pages and thought-provoking messages in it. A balanced package of fruitful brain fodder. 

My favourite pages of the journal are the “From the lips of Muhammad s.a.w” quotes. You can see more of them in digital form here: 

From the Lips of Muhammad s.a.w

It also has picturesque quotes from Lion of Allah.

I will review it again after I have used it throughout Ramadan, to see how useful it was. The “30 days” black and gold covered journal will be consulted every day for a mind refreshing activity session, in sha Allah.

It looks so appealing that I can recommend you to order it next Ramadan for yourself right now, really. But I’m going to hold back on further comments until I’ve used it more.

Happy (what’s left of) Ramadan!


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