Rummaging among the thoughts in my head today

Time to sort out my intentions before Ramadan. 



I love this picture. I think of the light in the distance as a door. And the path made of stepping stones to get to the door across the water is incomplete. I have to lay down each stone before I can move further towards the door.

Al Wahhab, the bestower of gifts, has given us the month of Ramadan. Now it’s up to us what we make of it.



Al Wahhab got us here, Al Lateef will get us through it.




Now, it’s time for me to discipline my heart and kick out all the “aww, do I really have to?” and “it’s hot!” and “I’d rather sleep all day” thoughts.

Yup, I just admitted to having negative thoughts about Ramadan. It happens. We all have a nafs, don’t we? The point is whether we control it or not.


It’s easy to write about doing it but the actual in-the-moment, minute-to-minute self discipline is a tough struggle. Still, it’s not impossible. I can do it. In sha Allah.

In other words, here’s a Ramadan goodie I think you’ll like:


Check it out.

I also wrote a cover story on Ramadan which is filled with links I’m too lazy to reproduce here, so just go ahead and skim the article if you want:



I think I can handle it. Bring it on!




4 thoughts on “Rummaging among the thoughts in my head today

  1. Being a Hindu, I has never thought that I would be interested in any religion other than Hinduism ever, but now, as I read more and more about Islam and the holy month of Ramadan, I am really fascinated by it. You cannot imagine for how many hours I am reading about this continuously and with every read, my curiosity grows even more.
    Ramadan Kareem Wishes 2014


    1. Thank you for the Ramadan wishes. Ramadan is a month of blessings and mercy, so I encourage you to pray for yourself for the true success of this world and the truly successful everlasting life after death. A comprehensive Islamic prayer (if you would like to try it) is

      In the name of God, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.
      All praise is due to God, Lord of the worlds –
      The Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful,
      Lord of the Day of Recompense.
      It is You we worship and You we ask for help.
      Guide us to the straight path –
      The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked Your anger or of those who are astray.

      Since you are reading up about Islam via the Internet, I would like to suggest http://www.dawahmonthly.com/ and if you want to check out the Islamic holy book in a community atmosphere then https://www.facebook.com/events/1430042170585282/

      And if you have any questions or further comments, you are most welcome. Glad that you stopped by and shared your thoughts!


  2. How true! 🙂 Thanks for the link to your cover story in Us; I wish I could read it in print but they stopped delivering The News where I live. 😦 Anyway, Ramadan Mubarak!


    1. Nice to see your comment! Thanks for stopping by. And I’m glad you appreciated the article.

      Huh, that’s weird.

      Anyway, khair mubarak! 🙂


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