Goodbye, Little Auntie

First it was I Got It Covered. Now it’s Dear Little Auntie.


Gone from the blogosphere. Well, not gone, the blog is still there, but it won’t be updated any longer.

Dear Little Auntie is a gem of a blog that I discovered via Brass Crescent Awards. Before I stumbled across Brass Crescent, I didn’t know any Islamic blogs on the Internet. Thanks to it, now I know quite a few.

The Little Aunties are a group of sisters who (used to) take questions and do their best to answer them comprehensively, sort of your Islamic Dear Abby. The topics they cover are diverse and their answers are well researched.

I guess the best part is that their database of questions is still there for anyone to go through:





I am sad to see the aunties go, but they have left a legacy on the Internet that will hopefully keep helping Muslims Googling for answers.

I Got It Covered, a group blog about, well, keeping it covered, did a great Ramadan series before wrapping it up and calling it a day. You can catch their Ramadan pictorials+article series here:



Here’s to the living and commemorated blogs that colour our Internet browsing. Blog on!


3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Little Auntie

    1. I did, too. Or rather, do. Inspiration lives on. And I still haven’t read everything on either blog. There are also “to bookmark and reread” posts on them. While it’s sad that we can no longer look forward to fresh content from them, we can still look up to them and emulate the standards they have set.

      May Allah bless us all.


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