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A burst of pinspiration


This is my laptop wallpaper nowadays. I wrote a personal mission statement back when I was a teenager, and it’s still lying around in a diary somewhere, but then I just adopted Rudyard Kipling’s “If” as my motto. I was collecting stuff on the Internet and filing it away long before Pinterest was thought of. I have a folder marked “collections” which has survived desktop to laptop and first laptop to second laptop transitions. I stopped adding to it awhile ago. Now I have Pinterest!

From Pinterest I gather gems like these:





And so on and so forth. And not just about writing. About reading, too!




I am in love with Pinterest’s “explore interests” feature. That way I can stock up on quotes on stress, motivation, inspiration, and any other topic under the sun. 

I used to get my inspiration from Flickr, but now I just subscribe to boards of great photos on Pinterest.

I used to wonder where my friend the Mushster got her quotes from, which she posted regularly on her Facebook wall. Then I started collecting pins and reposting them to Facebook. I am the quote poster now!

More of my Pinterest adventures will be covered in future posts. For now, I’m going pinning!


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