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Whip Our Hijab Back and Forth??

♥ rialive ♥

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Some questions regarding M.U.S.I.C..

Dear Rialive,

What do you think about music?
Do you think music halal or haram?
What kind of music do you like?
Where do you stand on music?<<<< This is a good question.

Answer :

First of all, why is my thought on music being haram and halal matters? It doesn’t matter at all. If you want to know the religious point of view on music, you can ask the scholars near you. You can ask all the reasons why they permit or prohibit it. Scholars have different opinions about this and (wallahy) I don’t have enough qualification to say anything against any of the opinions. If I said it’s haram, that means I am saying I know better from professors graduated from some leading Islamic universities, or the other way around. So I’m not going to explain about fatwa, I already made…

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